Estate Trust and Will, Collaborative Divorce, Probate

John Barnes, Attorney & Mediator, offers personalized estate planning counsel to clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With offices in Fort Worth, Texas, he serves clients in Tarrant, Johnson, Hood, Parker, and Dallas counties.

The practice of John Barnes focuses primarily upon Estate Planning, Probate, Small Business Planning, Wills, and Trusts; but may also be able to assist prospective clients in the areas of Mediation, Adoption, and Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Divorce.

Estate Planning - Estate Trust and Will

Some clients avoid estate planning because they think it will be an unpleasant process. However, many of our clients find that having a solid estate plan in place provides solace and peace of mind they did not have before. Estate Attorney John Barnes will help you sort through any important estate planning issues and will provide the legal guidance you need to protect your health, your loved ones, and your financial future. Contact our Fort Worth office today to schedule a consultation with experienced estate attorney John Barnes.


John Barnes has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the probate process — and how it can be avoided altogether. Probate is a lengthy process — it can take months, even a year or longer depending on the complexity of the estate. The process can also be very expensive, often totaling between three and five percent of the estate’s total value. Probate is handled in court, so the case’s details become public matter. It is therefore a poor option for those who desire to keep the details of a given estate under wraps.

If you are interested in preventing probate, it’s important to speak with a respected estate planning attorney about your available options. There are a few excellent approaches that can reduce the likelihood of your estate going into probate.

John Barnes understands the stress and anxiety his clients experience while undergoing probate, and he knows how to put these individuals at ease via compassionate counsel and assertive representation. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about probate in the state of Texas.

Small Business Organization

John Barnes expertise in business organization law can help you choose the best form that gives the greatest benefits you desire. A business's organization can determine how a business grows. Corporations issue stock, which allows investors to join and leave by buying or selling stock shares. LLCs, on the other hand, divide up ownership by percentage. Some states do not allow partnerships to change at all; if one partner decides to leave, the partnership must be dissolved and a new partnership created if the remaining owner wishes to bring in a new partner.

With so many different variables to consider, hire John Barnes get your business started the right way, and be prepared for any legal issues that may arise.

Collaborative Divorce

John Barnes works with you and your spouse to achieve a collaborative divorce. Barnes has the experience and skill to mediate and accomplish your goals, while not destroying the relationship you have with your spouse. Battles in divorce court are often costly, both financially and emotionally. It is important to choose a qualified collaborative divorce attorney to have a successful collaborative divorce.